Tulip Sugar Cookies

With a tulip-shaped cookie cutter and some royal icing, pretty spring cookies are at your fingertips. Here is some decorating inspiration.

From REC1008 on Etsy


From SweetnTreats on Etsy


From WhippedBakeShop on Etsy

From LingonberryBakery on Etsy


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Hooray for Tulips!

Who loves tulips? I do! I do! This week I’m celebrating the beautiful bulbs by posting about tulip-inspired edible crafts, from cakes to cookies to a Dutch windmill gingerbread house. Enjoy!

Hello, how cute are these Spring Flowers Cake Pops from Strawberry-Chic?

Yellow + pink + orange + tulips = I love it. Diary of a Mad Hausfrau (love the name, BTW) gives a tutorial for these Tiptoe through the Lemon Sugar Tulip Cakes.

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May Flowers

Cupcakes arranged into flower bouquet

Photo by Zac Williams

Flower Bouquet

This pretty cupcake arrangement is perfect for Mother’s Day or any beautiful May day!

  • 24 mini cupcakes
  • Purple frosting
  • Pink frosting
  • Yellow frosting
  • Green frosting
  • Green licorice
  • 1 tube black gel frosting
  • White conversation hearts
  • Black licorice
  • Mini chocolate chips (optional)
  1. Place each color of frosting in a decorating bag wtih a round tip of a ziplock bag with the corner snipped off. Starting in the center of each cupcake, pipe frosting onto the cupcake in round spirals. Frost 5 cupcakes purple, 10 pink, and 5 yellow. Pipe green frosting in oval spirals on the remaining 4 cupcakes.
  2.  On a serving platter, arrange the cupcakes into 3 flowers, using 5 cupcakes for the petals and 1 yellow cupcake for each center. Place a piece of green licorice at the bottom of each flower for the stem. Place the green cupcakes against the stems for leaves.
  3. To make the bumblebees, pipe a line of black gel frosting across the bottom of each of the 2 remaining yellow cupcakes. Pipe 2 lines of black gel frosting across the centers. Pipe a circle at the top for the heads. Place 2 white conversation hearts on each side for the wings. Cut small strips of black licorice for the stingers and antennae. Stick a stinger into the frosting at the bottom of each cupcake. Stick two antennae into the frosting head. Place the bumblebees above the flowers.
  4. If desired, create “flight paths” by carefully placing mini chocolate chips into curvy lines from the flowers to the bumblebees.

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Carrot Patch Cake

Carrot Patch CakeJust in time for Easter, here’s a recipe for an adorable carrot cake. I created it to look like a raised vegetable garden with gumdrop carrot tops poking above the dirt. I hope you have as much fun making it as you do eating it!

Carrot Patch Cake

Serves 8

  • 1 carrot cake loaf (try this recipe), frosted on top and sides
  • 40 graham sticks
  • 10 fudge sandwich cookies
  • 15 orange gumdrops
  • Green sour straws
  1. Place the graham sticks horizontally to cover each side of the cake. Use 12 graham sticks for each long side and 6 graham sticks for each short side. Place the remaining 4 graham sticks vertically on the corners of the cake.
  2. In a food processor, process the fudge sandwich cookies until you get fine crumbs. Sprinkle the crumbs on top of the cake.
  3. Using sharp kitchen shears, cut off the tops of the gumdrops to expose the sticky inside. Cut the green sour straws into 15 short pieces (about, oh, 3/4 inch), and then make 4 or 5 vertical snips on one end of each piece. In other words, one end should be intact and the other end should fray out like the end of an old rope. Help it fray even more by bending the strips.
  4. Stick the green sour straw pieces on the sticky tops of the gumdrops. Press each piece firmly into the gumdrop to make sure it sticks well.
  5. Place the “carrots” in rows on top of the cake.
  6. Admire how cute it is.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

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Nest of Bluebirds

Nest of Bluebirds cake made from cupcakes

Photo by Zac Williams

Check out my recipe for the Nest of Bluebirds from Cupcake Cakes. It is being featured on the website Canadian Family. Thanks, Canada!

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Cupcake Cakes Is Out!

Hey everyone! My latest book, Cupcake Cakes, is out and available anywhere books are sold! It shows how to make cute shaped cakes using cupcakes. Some projects in the book are a purple hippo, spotted puppy, nest of bluebirds, and tons of other cute stuff. Also, check out my new and improved blog with a new address: lisaturneranderson.wordpress.com. http://ow.ly/i/9Zsl

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Demo and Book Signing at What a Woman Wants Show

Come and meet me in person and watch me make an adorable cupcake cake at the What a Woman Wants Show. I’ll be showing you how quick and easy it is to make shapes using cupcakes. Join me at the Gibbs Smith booth afterward, where I’ll be signing books.

When: Saturday, April 9, 2:00 p.m.
Where: What a Woman Wants Show
South Towne Expo Center
9575 S. State Street, Sandy

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