May Flowers

May 1, 2011 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

Cupcakes arranged into flower bouquet

Photo by Zac Williams

Flower Bouquet

This pretty cupcake arrangement is perfect for Mother’s Day or any beautiful May day!

  • 24 mini cupcakes
  • Purple frosting
  • Pink frosting
  • Yellow frosting
  • Green frosting
  • Green licorice
  • 1 tube black gel frosting
  • White conversation hearts
  • Black licorice
  • Mini chocolate chips (optional)
  1. Place each color of frosting in a decorating bag wtih a round tip of a ziplock bag with the corner snipped off. Starting in the center of each cupcake, pipe frosting onto the cupcake in round spirals. Frost 5 cupcakes purple, 10 pink, and 5 yellow. Pipe green frosting in oval spirals on the remaining 4 cupcakes.
  2.  On a serving platter, arrange the cupcakes into 3 flowers, using 5 cupcakes for the petals and 1 yellow cupcake for each center. Place a piece of green licorice at the bottom of each flower for the stem. Place the green cupcakes against the stems for leaves.
  3. To make the bumblebees, pipe a line of black gel frosting across the bottom of each of the 2 remaining yellow cupcakes. Pipe 2 lines of black gel frosting across the centers. Pipe a circle at the top for the heads. Place 2 white conversation hearts on each side for the wings. Cut small strips of black licorice for the stingers and antennae. Stick a stinger into the frosting at the bottom of each cupcake. Stick two antennae into the frosting head. Place the bumblebees above the flowers.
  4. If desired, create “flight paths” by carefully placing mini chocolate chips into curvy lines from the flowers to the bumblebees.

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